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1.University Name: University of OREGON


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University of orEGON master of arts degree

where to buy University of OREGON master of arts degree? buy fake diploma. University of Oregon has 8 disciplines, has nearly 300 professional and elective courses, the school also has more than 25 research centers and institutes, to provide a wide range of in-depth study and teaching of Arts and sciences. University of Oregon school covers an area of 295 acres (1193823 square meters), the campus has a total of 60 major buildings. It is a famous university with a history of one hundred years and a world-class education and research. The school provides a lot of learning opportunities for students in the arts, architecture, art, business, education, journalism, law, music, dance and other professional fields have a clear advantage. The school has 1666 teachers, a professor of 108, graduate tutor assistant, the proportion of teachers and students is 1:20. As of 2011, the University of Oregon received a total of $$436735009 alumni donations, ranked first in oregon. University of Oregon also has a rich history of sports, track and field and American football is famous in the United States, in 2012 10 alumni on behalf of the United States to participate in the London olympics. University of Oregon in Oregon is the free state, the city of Eugene is one of the best city in the United States to protect the natural environment, every year are among the best in the nation's most suitable living city competitions, there is the picturesque city in the east of the mountain scenery. A charming Beach West of Oregon. Eugene [3] climate, summer temperature between 15-32 degrees; winter is colder and more rain, 0-12 degrees, is a typical Mediterranean climate. University of Oregon in 1962 America was invited to join the most authoritative Association of American universities (Association of American Universities, referred to as AAU), one of the only 62 members. In addition, University of Oregon is also the Carnegie Mellon Foundation (The Carnegie Foundation) as one of the very high academic research universities.

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