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You can't graduate from an Undergraduate program in the United States. 4 Solutions you Need to Know!

Read undergraduate course in the United States, nearly a third of the students can't finish on time, every year of this part of the students in nearly two-thirds of the students because of academic problems (fail, transcripts, led to a low GPA was suspended or even drop out of school), nearly one third of the students because of academic integrity problem, had been kicked out of school. So study in the United States, its hardships are far from domestic undergraduate so easy. Undergraduate students studying abroad will lose a lot of time and money if they do not graduate. At this time, students dare not tell their parents, and things will get worse and worse.

Here are four situations for students who did not graduate:

1. How to remedy the failure to graduate

2. Failing grades, low GPA and not graduating

3. Transfer to master before graduation

4. Did not graduate for other family reasons

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