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British University degree rating guide. Buy UK degrees.

Before applying to study abroad, we need to have a systematic understanding of this major.Britain is a world-renowned education country, with top universities led by The University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, which have always been the ideal country for students from all over the world.The following is a guide to the degree rating of universities in the UK, hoping that you can help when buying a degree.

In fact, with the exception of what we know to be the best universities, all universities in the UK are uniformly regulated, strictly regulated, and the quality and value of education are very high.With the high value of degree and the short length of study, Britain attracts many students from all over the world to study further every year.

British universities are rigorous in teaching and demanding of students. Besides, they have their own unique degree system, which is different from that in China.

British universities grade students' degrees according to merit.Under normal circumstances, the school will calculate students' grades based on their usual grades, final exam results and graduation thesis results.

Normally, Honours and Honours degrees are divided into the following grades, with some Honours and some without, depending on the average grade of the students.

Buy First Class Degree

First-class degrees are usually awarded to those with the best grades at school, and around 11 per cent of graduates are awarded a first-class degree each year.

The proportion of first-class degrees varies by university and subject, with fewer in physics, law or engineering, for example.

A first class degree is generally awarded on the basis of a grade of more than 70%. In general, few students at university achieve a grade of more than 80%.

A first-class degree is equivalent to an American university GPA of 3.8 to 4.0. In China, an average score of 85 or above is required to obtain a first-class degree for truly outstanding students.

Buy Upper Second Class Degree.

A 2:1 is the second highest achievement, with almost half of all graduates (46%) leaving British universities with a 2:1.

Most employers in the UK require graduates to be in the second level and the second level degree score is about 60-69% of the average score, which is equivalent to the 3.3-3.79 GPA in the US and the average score of key universities in China is above 80.

Buy Lower Second Class Degree.

The 2:1, which can be written as 2:2 and is slightly inferior to the 2:1, is taken by about 29% of graduates in the UK each year.

In the eyes of employers, this result has been on the edge of danger, and there is a gap between the second and the first.Most employers require graduates with a 2:1 or above.

The second-level score is about 50-59% of the overall score, which is equivalent to the 3.0-3.29 GPA of the United States, and the average score of China's key universities is more than 70.

Buy Third Class Degree

The third-grade score is 40-49% of the overall score, equivalent to the average score of 60-70 in China's key universities.

Buy Ordinary Degree.

A passing grade in general leads to a diploma, equivalent to 40 per cent of the overall grade, similar to the 60 mark in China.

British university diplomas usually have a clear indication of degree class, so if you want to get a good degree and get a good job, you have to pay attention to every subject. I hope you all buy the UK degree you like.

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